How to rock – Plain White Tee!

*The Plain White Tee*

Such a basic item in our wardrobes, it often slips past our eyes when looking for a cute outfit. But the plain white tee has never been more cute ladies! And I have just the tips on how to rock it 🙂

1. Rock the casual look. – Nothing screams sexy like casual. Boys are addicted to it and hey, its comfy. Pair a plain white v-neck with your favourite jeans,boots/sandals/sneakers and a simple yet eye catching necklace and your good to go 🙂


2.Oversized is good. –  With t-shirts, the bigger the cuter. Go for 2 sizes too big for or you so the shirt drapes just below your hips. Take one side of it and tuck it slightly into your jeans, or skirt. This not only creates a effortless look, but it also shows your sexy curves without looking like you have tried. Even pull one side down over your shoulder creating the ultimate cute outfit.




3. Be sassy– Those naughty shirts that say outrageous catchphrases? Don’t be afraid to rock it. It shows you have killer confidence, even thought you may not. Going for phrases such as “Kiss Me” or shows a risky picture shows your daring and excuse my french, Don’t give a f*!@.
Music is my bf


4. Bedazzle that shirt girl –  A good thing about the plain white shirt is that its plain. So plain, that you can dress it up with just about any colour, shape or size. Wearing a plain shirt with jeans and sandals is cute, but lets say your feeling edgy? Layer bracelets of all colours and wear a statement necklace. Add a big watch if you like or a ring. Nothing looks more cute than a plain shirt with a thick statement necklace.


5. Blaze it up –  blazers look fabulous with plain shirts. Going out tonight but don’t want to look over done? Grab a chic yet cute blazer and top it over a plain shirt with jeans and killer heels. Sophisticated yet sexy. It doesnt have to be a posh blazer your boss wears to meetings, a simple bright coloured one will do. Match it with your heels for that extra kick 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂




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