South East Coast of a Beautiful Country

So during the summer, I found myself treking along the south-east coast of Ireland on one of the most beautiful days you could imagine. Sunset was at 6 am and it didnt go down until 11pm. I had all day to soak in the amazing scenery, and I’m very happy I decided to take pictures!

My first stop was the little village of Crosshaven. It is surrounded by the coastline but I found myself at this gorgeous look out point of Church Bay.

Church BayNext was Fountainstown. You can walk up the coastline to as far as you like. I found this beautiful little spot in among the cliff.
FountainstownThe famous Garretstown was my all time favorite. The mile long stretch of beach is well known to surfers and wind sailors around Ireland. I managed to catch this courageous wind sailor while he tackled the rough waves.Wind SailThis next place is a bit off the beaten track. Its only known to locals and is a gem of a spot. Its known as Nohoval Cove. It has numerous sea stacks and stumps which the locals jump off in the summer. Its an amazing spot for those who are into sea kayaking!Nohoval CoveAnd the finale. We ate our dinner up at a look out point by an old fort known as Charles Fort. Breathtaking is’nt even the word to describe the scenery. We were over looking a whole harbour, and the sun setting really was the icing on the cake.Kinsale Harbour SunsetTo anyone looking for a beautiful journey, I would recommend this breathtaking coastline. If you can do it on a sunny day, even better!


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