How To Rock – Prints!

Hey Ladies!
I have some exciting tips for pulling off prints this coming spring! Personally I think prints are gorgeous but they are not for everyone. You gotta love them or hate them, I really dont think there is an inbetween!

So if you are a lover of prints, keep on reading!

1. Keep it minimal – Prints are very eye-catching and daring, you dont want to over do it or else your outfit will look messy and complicated. Keep it to a one item max for prints in your outfit. If the cardigan is prints keep all the rest plain, likewise if you have printed shoes or a handbag. You dont want to end up looking like your grandmothers wallpaper!


2. Floral is so in – Foral was a big hit for the last 2 spring seasons, and it doesnt seem to be dying down in any shape or form. In fact, I am seeing more floral now than ever! The great thing about floral prints is that there is usually one dominant color, which is very easy to work with. Also, floral totally brings out the girly side in your outfit, perfect for a first date!

denim on floral

3. Where is attention isnt wanted, avoid prints – If you have insecurities about a certain part of your body, make sure not to wear prints on that area. Prints attract attention, so wear them on the areas you wish to flaunt. Another great tip for us shorties, wearing printed heels will drag the eye down your legs to the shoes, great for adding the illusion that you are taller!

polka dots

4. Printed dress are great, alone – If wearing a printed dress, make sure to have limited accessories. You dont want to have too much going on at once. Keep your hair and nails simple, and just rock the dress!


Well thats all for prints so far. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! x


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