All Studs Everything

So I know studs and spikes have been a big trend for a while, but it is only recently I am noticing HOW much studs are being incorperated into fashion. I am seeing them on shoes, bags, jackets and even nails!
Personally I love them, I wasnt a massive fan at the start but they have really grown on me! I have a few tips for the stud virgin on how to pull them off!


1. You don’t have to look like a biker every time you wear them – I feel studs are cutest in small doses. Like on one item of your outfit, or as accessories. A plain outfit can be really jazzed up with a studded purse or shoes!


2. Studs are super simple to DIY – You don’t have to buy studded pieces in the shops. It can be frustrating for the average person on a budget to spend money on a item that is probably going to go out of fashion soon anyway. There are tons of tutorials online on how to glue or sew studs onto pretty much anything, and the best part is, when the trend disappears, you can just take them off! Brilliant!


3. If you would like to keep your innocent look – but like the look of studs, small jewelry pieces are great. They are super cute and blend in nicely with in a stack of bracelets. Also, small spike earings are gorgeous if you are going for a plain outfit. They tend to spice things up a bit!




Hope you get some inspiration from this! Thanks for reading! x


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