I am most certainly loving the whole Lace Shorts trend this upcoming spring/summer. I can’t wait to pull mine out  of the back of the cupboard. I have a few great tips on how to pull these bad boys off this spring 🙂

244672192225303868_S3rOsDsG_c1. Day to Night? Simple! – The best thing about these lace shorts is how versatile they are. They can be dressed down with a simple tee or shirt, and totally dressed up with a tank top, statement necklace and a blazer. Great for those long days out with the family, then straight out to hit the town with the girls!



2. Get your feminine claws out! – These shorts are AWESOME for pulling off the girly look, without looking like a complete damsel in distress. You know us ladies are well capable of fending for ourselves! But there are times when we are feeling like a true girl, and the lace detailing brings about a delicate look, but paired with some bad a** heels shows you have some edge!



3. They are oh so comfy! – Unlike stiff, wedgifying denim shorts, theses lace shorts are extremly comfy and breathable. Perfect for those hot days on the beach or at the park! And on the plus side, they look great with sandals.



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