About Me

I am just a 21 year old trying to find my own up in the world. I have many interests, but fashion seems to trump them all. I enjoy traveling, baking and trying new things. I like taking risks and being with my closest friends and family.

I guess you could say I enjoy helping others. From past experiences I know getting a grip on fashion is’nt easy, and from my own common sense I understand that girls and young women around the globe just want to be confident and happy in what they are wearing.

Burnt Orange

Which is where I come in.

I am in no way a ‘Fashion Guru’ nor do I wish to be one. I do have a heavy interest in fashion, but not high fashion, normal fashion. Normal affordable fashion that 99% of ladies are interested in too. I adore high street fashion shops such as River Island, Topshop and Bershka. But not everything you buy has to be high street. I hope to give young women inpiration and ideas to start creating their own unique style. I will give my own personal tips and tricks to being confident but most of all, yourself. I wish to tailor my ideas around every girl, style and personality.


So all that being said, this is a light-hearted fashion blog. No heavy stuff, ie, weird runway stuff like stick thin, emotionless models. Just normal girls, like you and I. I also touch on beauty related items, mainly nail polish (my second biggest addiction) and I love DIY face masks and beauty treatments!

So thats it for me. Enjoy and again, thanks for reading x



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