Quick Fix – Big Event

Hey there!

So there is a big event coming up. You have the smashing dress, but want to be able to fit into it that bit easier. Here is a nice little tip to remember for the month up coming to the event.

Every 2 jumping jacks = 1 calorie
There are 3500 calories in 1 pound
1000 jumping jacks = 1 pound gone157555686935202470_qjJKr0L3_c

Try doing 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks each week coming up to the event. The pounds will fall off, and you will look fab!

Hope this helps and thanks for reading! x


Beat The January Blues! – Outfit Idea

Hey Ladies!

The month of January can be quite gloomy and dull (unless you live in Cali!) so what better way to start prepping for Spring than start adding some color back into your outfits!

Here I have incorporated some neon orange into my look. I didn’t want to blow everyone away with neon madness so I stuck to one item, my scarf, and I kept all else neutral.

Hope you enjoy!


Jumper – H&M

Scarf – Vero Moda

Jeans – Primark


Nail Polish is a great way to incorperate bright colors to a neutral outfit!

Nails – Catrice 030 Meet Me At Coral Island


This scarf is great not only because it has the whole Aztec theme going on, but because it is so bright and fun! The softer side is a sort of meshe pattern and the more crazy side is bright neon orange. It is sheer material so its not too warm.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! x

All Studs Everything

So I know studs and spikes have been a big trend for a while, but it is only recently I am noticing HOW much studs are being incorperated into fashion. I am seeing them on shoes, bags, jackets and even nails!
Personally I love them, I wasnt a massive fan at the start but they have really grown on me! I have a few tips for the stud virgin on how to pull them off!


1. You don’t have to look like a biker every time you wear them – I feel studs are cutest in small doses. Like on one item of your outfit, or as accessories. A plain outfit can be really jazzed up with a studded purse or shoes!


2. Studs are super simple to DIY – You don’t have to buy studded pieces in the shops. It can be frustrating for the average person on a budget to spend money on a item that is probably going to go out of fashion soon anyway. There are tons of tutorials online on how to glue or sew studs onto pretty much anything, and the best part is, when the trend disappears, you can just take them off! Brilliant!


3. If you would like to keep your innocent look – but like the look of studs, small jewelry pieces are great. They are super cute and blend in nicely with in a stack of bracelets. Also, small spike earings are gorgeous if you are going for a plain outfit. They tend to spice things up a bit!




Hope you get some inspiration from this! Thanks for reading! x

How To Rock – Prints!

Hey Ladies!
I have some exciting tips for pulling off prints this coming spring! Personally I think prints are gorgeous but they are not for everyone. You gotta love them or hate them, I really dont think there is an inbetween!

So if you are a lover of prints, keep on reading!

1. Keep it minimal – Prints are very eye-catching and daring, you dont want to over do it or else your outfit will look messy and complicated. Keep it to a one item max for prints in your outfit. If the cardigan is prints keep all the rest plain, likewise if you have printed shoes or a handbag. You dont want to end up looking like your grandmothers wallpaper!


2. Floral is so in – Foral was a big hit for the last 2 spring seasons, and it doesnt seem to be dying down in any shape or form. In fact, I am seeing more floral now than ever! The great thing about floral prints is that there is usually one dominant color, which is very easy to work with. Also, floral totally brings out the girly side in your outfit, perfect for a first date!

denim on floral

3. Where is attention isnt wanted, avoid prints – If you have insecurities about a certain part of your body, make sure not to wear prints on that area. Prints attract attention, so wear them on the areas you wish to flaunt. Another great tip for us shorties, wearing printed heels will drag the eye down your legs to the shoes, great for adding the illusion that you are taller!

polka dots

4. Printed dress are great, alone – If wearing a printed dress, make sure to have limited accessories. You dont want to have too much going on at once. Keep your hair and nails simple, and just rock the dress!


Well thats all for prints so far. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! x

Spring/Summer Wedding Guest Outfits!

Hey there!

Spring is fast approaching, and I am lucky enough to have one of my beautiful cousins getting married in April. While I was scouring the internet for outfit ideas for the wedding, I decided to put together some outfit ideas and tips for any other ladies in a similar situation to me!

Pink Blazer

1. Pastel is very pretty – Pastel colors are GORGEOUS for springtime, and they suit any skin tone around. Pastel pinks and blues are beautiful on fair haired girls, while pastel purples and yellows bring out the best in those darker ladies. I found pairing a pastel colored dress with a complimenting colored pair of heels looks amazing. Gold and neutral shades look best 🙂

Pastel blue and pink <3

2. Before you make any decision, make sure you are comfortable – You don’t want to be stuck at a function for hours in an uncomfortable outfit that you are unhappy in. It will not only dampen your spirits but probably others around you too. If you love dresses, wear one. If you are not into dresses, wear pants. And most importantly, if you can’t walk in heels, DO NOT wear them! Blistered feet are not good and the penguin walk is not attractive. No matter how pretty they are, put them down, and walk away. There are plenty of gorgeous sandals out there made for you 🙂

Gold Owl Sandals


3. Flaunt your personality – If you are into edgy fashion, but you don’t want to stand out too much, find a simple dress but wear edgy accessories. Studded bracelets of earings are so in right now, so rock them like a pro!

Gold Band

I hope this will help anyone who is in a bit of trouble choosing. Enjoy and thanks for reading! x

I got me some stuff!

I bought a couple of things while I was out today (what girl doesnt?) and decided to share! I bought these 4 beautiful polishes from Catrice. It is a fairly new brand in Europe I dont know about the US, but these polishes are amazing! I have almost all of the colours, they are hard not to buy at only €3! The blue, gold and red are all shimmers. They catch the light beautifully everytime my hand passes a window. They last for about a week before chipping (depending on how clumsy you are!) Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!
FotoFlexer_Photo And finally I got these AMAZING shoes from Primark. At €9 I couldnt resist! I figured these will go great for those long summer days at the park or a trip to the beach! They would also be perfect with a lace shirt and denim shorts! Highly recommend getting them if there is a Primark near you!Vans completedThanks for reading! x

Quick Fix DIY – Denim Shorts!

Fear those days when your favorite denim shorts just don’t fit like they used to? Well among all great women, this is a common feeling. Iv got a great little tip to help with this.


1. Get your shorts. Give them a good hug because you are about to tarnish the living daylights out of them! Just kidding, its only a little cut….promise.

2. Cut a slit in the side hem of the shorts, about 2 – 2.5 inches is good, depends on how much room you want to make.

3. Find a patch of lace. Preferably off an old top, but any decent fabric store will have lace for sale.

4 Sew it in place of where you made the slit. Use a basic running knot, does’nt have to be anything fancy. And if you don’t know how to sew, its about time you learned!

And voila! You have now got yourself a new revamped pair of denims, just in time for the sunny weather! Enjoy, and thanks for reading.