College Life

Hey Ladies!

This one is for my fellow college goers, or high schoolers that have a pretty lenient dress code! I have come up with a few outfit ideas and tips for staying super cute.
I am going to make a separate post for each category!
– Comfy Girl
– Preppy Girl
– School Spirit Girl
– Nerdy Girl
– Fashionista
– Wild Child

Hope they inspire you in some way or other!

This one is for the girl who cant get out of bed in the morning, the one who is very fond of comfort, yet still wants to look cute, also known as, the best of both worlds!

1. Comfort is most important – If you have a long day of boring lectures, sitting down in one spot, taking notes, then comfort is the most import. The thing to remember with college/school is you are there to learn, not to impress. Well we will leave the impressing to lunch hour, but during the concentrating hours, its all eyes up front! So its important when picking out an outfit to take the following options into consideration.

Glitter and Converse

– When wearing jeans, make sure they are not too tight. There is nothing more depressing than being stuck in too-tight jeans for the day, especially when sitting for long periods of time. Find soft material pants or jeggings, they suit best.


– Layers are best if you have to move from building to building a lot. I often find the moving from warm indoors to the cold outdoors and back in again hard to balance when it comes to clothes. So wearing a few layers always helps. Try a tank top under a shirt followed by a jacket, and if its really cold, a scarf. That way once you get inside you can strip (keep it PG please)


– Flat shoes are a good option, especially if you have a lot of walking to do. I find converse or vans are great for the casual girl. Ballet flats tend to make your feet sore and swollen by the end of the day, so stick to sturdy shoes if you want to still be able to walk!


– Keep your hair out of your face at all times if possible. I know some girls find it hard to wear their hair up all day, but even a quick side ponytail or plait is cute yet out of the way. There is nothing more annoying for long haired ladies to be pushing your hair out of the way while taking notes. Try a messy bun, its quick and very easy and cute! Simples!


All the pictures above are just inspiration, of course your own style is best!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! x


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